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Higher Education Policy

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A review of the literature on public higher education and the role of monetary state support suggests a continual decline (Mullin & Honeyman, 2007; PEW, 2019), which has affected overall quality and affordability.  Much of the literature comes from books including early reports by non-profits such as the Carnegie Foundation. In these reports (Carnegie Commission, 1971), American higher education is regularly referred to as the envy of the world. Taking a longitudinal view, the picture becomes increasingly concerning for both quality and affordability as state support for higher education declines. While many factors affect the cost of tuition and fees at four-year public institutions, this analysis will focus on state support and funding models, with less acknowledgement of the myriad other factors that contribute significantly to rising costs. Notably, this literature review is also less concerned with outcomes, including admission and completion rates, than with the impact of various state funding models.

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